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Sucking up to someone is a norm. I can tell when someone is sucking up to others and how everyone is doing it to gain benefits. Sucking up can happen anywhere. But today's post is directed more towards how people are sucking up to people with more followers or likes. Honestly, this hasn't actually bothered me until I began talking to a few people and I felt like a change of treatment.
I wouldn't say that I am very popular or whatsoever but yes I have been gaining a bit more readers or followers as compared to when I first started blogging.

Of course when you first start to blog and all, you are still new to everything. My intention of having a blog was more about sharing experiences and I do not really enjoy doing advertorial stuffs because I just have this feel of not being honest? See when you are being sponsored for something, you'd be expected to put in a lot of good words into the product. Of course these would be nice if you WERE indeed enjoying the service and you like the product. But what if you do not like the product but you still have to put in positive reviews ? For me, it just felt wrong to put in good words for something and not mean it but just doing it for the sake of the money or whatsoever. I mean each to his own. Some bloggers do these for a living and it's fine if they are happy. It's just how I feel towards doing a sponsorships.When you get sponsored and stuffs, you are bound to join a certain social networking company so that they can help to promote your fan base and also with more sponsorships, you'd be better known. If you are a lady, you can probably start off as a blogshop model and maybe you might get your babysteps of fresh fame from there. All in all, what I am directing at is that all of us do things differently and have different directions. So whenever someone compares me to some other fashion blogger, I feel that it is stupid to do so because what I am doing and what the other girl is doing is completely different and you can't just make comparisons like that.

Surely if you already have more followers then you'd be able to gain more followers because your face is just everywhere. When I first started, I've had a lot of people coming up to me and comparing like how girl A is a better model than me or this certain blogshop would pick girl B over me because I am not as popular. I have never once mentioned that I'd like to a blogshop model or whatsoever, so when people come to me with these comments, I can't help but just judge them. So maybe we might have worked together on something but what do you expect me to do? I mean if you are being unhappy because my account wasn't able to help you get even more followers then I am sorry. I have given you my time and judging from the number of followers that I have, common sense would have told you that you are not going to earn more followers from me. I eventually began to stop talking to these kind of people as I got tired of listening to them comparing me. Whenever I see their comments on someone's instagram and totally sucking up, I just felt like rolling my eyes. This has nothing to do with jealousy by the way. It is just how I hate the way these type of people do things.

Fast forward to a few months and a number of blogposts, I  could say that I was growing a little and guess what, these people started coming back to me. Praising me and trying to suck up to me now. Endless compliments. Usually, I appreciate compliments but I could sense how fake the compliments were and were mostly said just for the sake of it.

To anyone who is living for the number of followers they have or fame, everything is temporary. You can't expect to be popular all over social media for the rest of your life. And also, being popular on Instagram is no big deal. You win some , you lose some. Don't let the number of followers you have affect you. And also, don't try to leech on people with a huge following just so that you can share the limelight and be popular. When you try too hard, you'd just get passed off as a pest.

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