What it feels like to be ghosted


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If only ghosted meant communicating with spirits or having any supernatural experiences, then maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad as how someone would just cut you off for no reason and leaving you wondering what went wrong or what happened.

Ghosting should not happen to anyone. It is a horrible feeling to be ghosted and truthfully, people who do that are just a bunch of cowards who are not brave enough to tell someone what went wrong because they just do not want to make matters worst and they would think that at least they aren't hurting the other party.... or so they thought. No one deserves to feel ghosted and left without any reason. And honestly, to feel ghosted is one of the worst things ever. I have been ghosted before...one too many times. And here is how it being ghosted is like

1. What happened?

Being ghosted is a really sad thing. You don't know what happened but that other person has               now stopped texting you, calls and all...leaving you to wonder what went wrong. Just so you               know, the problem doesn't lie with you. If that person does not have the balls to man up or spares       a thought as to how you would feel then this person is not worth you being around with anymore.       If someone genuinely cares for you, they'd think of how you would feel. 

2. Should you contact this person or no?

Question of whether you should contact this person or not puts you in a dilemma. You are pretty much deciding whether you should text but if you were to text them first then would that be considered as annoying to them or being sticky because at the end of the day you do know that you do not want to bother them but at the same time you just feel like you want to know what is going on. And I don't blame you for that because it is just natural to know what is wrong when something doesn't feel right. Then again it all depends on the personality of that individual. If you are the type that wants to know what is happening then you'll go all out to make sure you get your answer. On the contrary, if you are the type who is just waiting to see what happens...or if let's say you are a girl, and you feel that guys should always make the first move, then you can continue waiting for your answer which may or may not be given to you.

3. Dealing with Emotions

Whether you've finally know what happened or not, you are bound to either feel upset or happy. Okay happy maybe after all these while, you were actually just overthinking on some things and that hey, he couldn't reach you because maybe he was unable to get connection with you be it through whatsapp , facebook messenger or just your usual phone calls. Haha, right right... like how bad connection can be in Singapore right. Please, you'd probably still manage to get 4G even if you are at Bukit Timah Hill doing your usual hike. Just saying. So whether you are feeling upset or angry, honestly though... you somehow saw this coming. Whether you are sad or angry, after a while you will feel that there is more angst as compared to sadness. The reason is simply because you feel mad at them for having wasted your time and for letting you have this unknown uncomfortable feeling for days and for you spending all night wondering what the hell just went wrong.

4. Problem lies with them and only them

If anything, never blame yourself. Don't ever blame yourself when you don't know what went wrong and that they just disappeared on you like that. If anything, the problem lies with them. You don't deserve to go through any of this shit and somehow or rather, aren't you glad that somehow thinking of how disgustingly evil these people are can help you move on from this incident? No, you don't need such people in your life to validate yourself. You are fine without them.

5. You'll move on

It is always somehow a good thing to know of someone's flaws or weaknesses and in this case, Ball-less move, now rather than when you both are together and you know if as a couple you were to faced with any difficulties, then he or she would be the first one to vanish completely and leaving you to settle for yourself. You need someone who is willing to work shit with you. Somehow who treats you as how you'd need to be treated. Somehow you'd wish that these people would actually have the balls to just tell you what went wrong and be straight forward about it but that's okay, they can go mess someone else's life now. 

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