I am sick of being called hot


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I am sick of being called hot. I am a very narcissistic person and honestly though the reason why I take so much selfies and am scantily clad, it's because I like how I look and I think the photos are really nice. I love lingeries especially lacey ones. But what I can't stand though...is when people keep giving me the same compliments that I am hot. I don't mean to sound so self conceited but truthfully, I am sick of being called hot.

Maybe I am weird or crazy but I kind of prefer guys to check other girls out instead. I can give you a name list of really hot girls here in Singapore. Maybe as much as I love posting such photos, I do not like the attention that comes with it or I am just feeling sick of the usual compliments. I know I am hot. That is the reason why I still continue snapping such shots. Of course..by now people are going to give me the "eye roll". Unlike the girls who have captions such as "I don't feel like I look good today", I on the other hand... already know that I look good. I don't post photos for attention. I don't live or need from that sort of attention and compliments from people for me to move on with my life or daily activities. I just post because I like the photos and how I look. If possible, I would love to be a full time model. But we all know that is quite impossible given my naturally  petite physique.

Somehow this has also made me to lose certain guys in my life because majority of them only want to fuck me and I am not up for that. Call me a prude, but I just don't want to bang anyone. I guess the bright side of this is that..then you get to know guys who truly wants to know you or guys who just clearly do not want to know you and just needs to find someone to insert their penis into.  As stated in my previous post, I like my sex with a connection. I have to say that it is quite a waste when a really attractive guy comes up to me and talks to me...but upon knowing that I wouldn't have sex so soon, he then decides to just not be friends anymore. Funny how sex is considered a higher priority as compared to getting to know someone better.  I guess given the time that we are in right now, it is pretty rare to find someone who wants to know you. Okay, maybe there ARE guys who want to get to know me genuinely but I am just either not interested to know them or just.. tired of reintroducing myself again to people.

Pardon this self absorbed post by the way. Just had to rant.

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