the thing about being sexually expressive


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As a result of me being too open in terms of talking about sex and everything else,the impression that people have of me is that they'd think that I am a really naughty girl or that I just love sex so much and am willing to have sex with just about anyone. Honestly though, things are not as what they seem to be. 

I love lingeries , I love sensual stuffs and I feel that it is perfectly fine to just be in tune and just love yourself sexually. It's all about being comfortable in your own skin and you just tend to feel good. And it just so happens that I am someone who enjoys expressing myself in such a way. I am definitely not one who would just bang for the fun of it.I know how when I meet people, most of the time these people expect sex to come out of it but nah , I am not that type of person.  I tend to prefer making this clear stand before I continue dating someone. So for whoever that has that impression of me as someone who is willing to go to bed with anyone, nope. That's not the case with me. Sex is more of an emotional thing for I'd like to get this across before anyone considers getting into bed with me.

Being too open with how sensual and comfortable you are can attract another group of people. You are going to get hated a lot. Apart from the group of guys who would want to bang you, you get a group of people who just choose to hate you and just label you as a slut or attention seeking.  At times, I would feel annoyed by it. I just have to get used to it. You are also going to get people asking why do you talk about such things and are very comfortable with it. Haha I guess it is just me. I am just curious and I like the whole idea of it. I always feel like there is much more to just banging and making someone cum. 

Either way you are not going to win such people so the best thing you need to do is to just ignore. I am sure that I am not the only person who is comfortable being this way. People are going to hate you. When you try to explain it to them, they won't get you anyway and still choose to stick to their beliefs of you just doing this for attention. When you complain, they'd tell you that it is a free world and if I don't like being called a slut then I should just stop posting such photos or talking about such things. But I just feel like...why should I stop something when the other party is being the judgemental one and being rude? I try to not let it affect me too much though but trust me it can get really annoying. Thankfully though I have friends who do not judge me for whatever that I do and are very supportive and understanding.

In other words, I am still going to live with it and post whatever I want. Hahhaha, so... thought you guys should know what actually happens when you get too sexually expressive.

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