Thirsty Wolves with a Camera


As much as I enjoy going for photoshoots, there are times whereby I just do not wish to work together with the photographer anymore because of a few reasons. I am sure majority of you reading here have been following my blog for a while now and probably would know what is alright for me and what is not. I am fussy when it comes to shoot and I guess part of it is because I have trust issues after a certain shoot encounter in February. Honestly though I feel bad for other photographers who are legit and professional in their work. The concept of nudity for photoshoot can either be really erotic artsy or just end up being cheap and thrashy. It is tricky to do such shoots without accidentally making it seem like the photos can look like a preview photo of a pornographic film. Besides, haven't we all learnt our lessons from when the nude photos of girls started leaking because of some wolves. I genuinely feel that if I ever would like to do a nude concept. It has to be with someone whom I trust.

Quick flashback to what happened during a shoot this year in February with a certain 'Photographer'. Honestly at first, it was supposed to be a lingerie shot but he was pretty demanding and throughout the shoot.  So yeah suddenly he was forcing himself on me. I was so disgusted I swear. I couldn't even continue with the shoot after and left. So before that I had actually some of my photos taken. Now we shot quite a fair bit.  He didn't really got to sending me the photos until... when I demanded for it in March/April. So we got into a dispute and honestly, things became ugly when he started using one of my photo with a caption that promotes of him selling books totally uncensored. That is not right at all and not ethical. I do not know about the other girls who have worked with him after that. Mistake on my part was that I did not ask the other models what it was like working with him before I went with it. I talked to Hayley and Reiko, and they both told me the same thing about this particular photographer.  If you have already guessed who this person is, then good. Otherwise, if you are a girl and curious about who this photographer may be, please feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram.

Things to note before collaborating with any photographer

  • Make clear what expectations you have
  • Make sure you do background checks with other models who have collaborated with him
  • Clarify your doubts if you have
  • Try to have somebody accompany you
  • Don't be afraid to say No if he is pushing you out of what you are comfortable with

So there you have it, reasons why I wouldn't do nude shoots unless it is with someone that I trust. The last thing you want is to have the whole of Singapore and beyond seeing your womanly bits.
And if you are a photographer and legit, here's what you need to understand and take note of


It is important that you at least have mutual trust and understanding between your models and yourself. If your models are not comfortable or just seem uneasy through the modes of communication that you both engage in, then it is best that you both just work things out and see what can the best outcome be. You want your photos, you need the model. Obviously you have a choice of collaborating with other people who are more than willing to remove their clothes off for you but... if really you are placed in such a situation, then you have to gain their trust.

Be Professional

No matter how erotic the shoots might be, please maintain your composure and be professional. If I were a model and I have a photographer telling me , "Oh my dick is hard now". I honestly would go what the fuck. No models are interested to know that you have a hard cock in your pants It will just make things even more awkward.

So stay safe and clarify always people <3

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