We Spoilt AF


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I don't know if anybody else feels this way about how things or  people are like in Singapore but I can't help feeling that many of us are spoilt. I am sure that I am not the only one having this thought. It's just that maybe we can't say it as how it is because well, we're probably going to get bashed front left centre. But I am just going to say it as it is because it is the truth anyway. And if you are not able to accept this opinion of mine, then well okay.

The ugly truth is.....

We're spoilt as fuck.

It could probably be as a result of how our government looks after us. Our country is really tiny but we have train stations almost everywhere.Each station is probably just 4 or 5 mins away and honestly though, a journey from Yishun to Paya Lebar for example would have probably taken about say, an hour but with the convenience of the circle line, we can probably reach within 35mins or so.  As a result of the many train lines going everywhere in this tiny island, train disruptions are inevitable. Then again, of course train disruptions are annoying as fuck because we can't get to work or school on time etc but what's new guys. We never really appreciate good train days whereby the trains are running smooth and we only have to wait for 2 minutes before the next train comes.  When we have a train disruption, everyone is just complaining all over twitter and facebook. I know I do the same as well but after a while, you just have to get used to it I guess. Or honestly, if you are wondering how the train situations are like then just follow SMRT on twitter. Chances are if there was indeed a disruption, a few users would have ranted abut it on twitter and maybe you can seek a different mode of transportation to get you to work. Well the whole point of this blog is not really about train disruptions.

It is more of how I am slowly started to feel annoyed by how when something goes wrong, people be like " Oh you should have sent me a notification/sms". If you are in the service industry, you are bound to face such things. As for me, I work in a health related industry therefore when I have people telling me that nobody informed them or when I knew that I have already informed them and they tell me that they don't know, it can piss me off a little. Honestly though, if you were very concerned of your health and are waiting for a certain appointment to be given to you, you would have at least called up to check on the status.  I just don' quite understand it when people just disappear for so long and then coming back and said that they are not noted of this or that. I can assure you that in all honesty especially in the health care sector, we ensure that our patients are noted of everything that they need to know and that if arrangements are needed for them to see someone from a different discipline or whatsoever, everything will be arranged and patients are informed. Either way, we'll ensure that the messages are sent across to patients. But I do find it unfair when we are being blamed just because maybe we couldn't get to them because of a change in telephone numbers or something.  Honestly though, when it comes to personal matters like health and so, people should learn to look after their ownselves or take responsbility of their own health.  You can't just leave it as it is if you are waiting for something and not check on it. As much as it is the healthcare provider's responsibility to give you that appointment etc, you should also.....learn to give a damn of your own health.

Next is when people expect you to send  them notifications and simply blame it on other people when they do not receive the notification. Honestly speaking, if you have given yourself or a loved one a fuck, then maybe you would call up to check on things just to reconfirm. The most stupidiest though is when people expect SMRT to send us all a text when it comes to a train breakdown or if  the telecom service is having some disruption. Disruptions are inevitable. And the only time that you hear people talking about a certain telecom service or any service for that matter, is when something goes wrong. You don't really hear people complimenting on how good and fast the internet is but when there is a technical fault, you get all sorts of " OH MY GOD WTF STARHUB".  Seriously guys, you won't die without the internet. Maybe some of you would have been pissed because maybe you are settling work but for the rest.... -__-

So basically all in all, what I am trying to say is that....maybe we should be more grateful of somethings like smooth internet or smooth train rides when there are good days and just take it as a norm when it comes to disruptions. Not everything is 100% anyway. 

Have a good Monday.

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